Why do I need bookkeeping?

Every business must keep records of its transactions for legal reasons. There is no set form in which it must be done, but the essentials must be present. Apart from being obligated by law to do bookkeeping, it’s good practice for any business to keep clean and correct records. That way, you will be able to know at any point in time how much is owed to you, how much you owe and what your balance is. This makes for accurate decision making which is based on accurate information from your records.

Should I outsource it or do it myself?

That’s a dilemma that any business faces when starting bookkeeping. On one hand, when taking care or the records yourself, you will be able to track every transaction daily and draw conclusions based on that data. Besides, you save money by doing it yourself. On the other hand, if you outsource it, professionals that do this for a living will take care of your records and provide you with invaluable recommendations that will help you reduce tax return. Moreover, you save a lot of time and grant yourself peace of mind. You may send us pertinent records monthly, quarterly or annually, and we will compile them in the most suitable form for your business.